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10.11.12. Referendum constitucional 2007.

 Venezuelan constitutional preliminary referendum results
Proposal Option Votes  %
A Yes 4,379,392 49.29
No 4,504,354 50.70
B Yes 4,335,136 48.94
No 4,522,332 51.05
Total valid votes 8,883,746 98.68
Null votes 118,693 1.32
Turnout 9,002,439 55.89
Abstention 7,107,225 44.11
Total registered voters[40] 16,109,664

Polls from November saw very close results. In mid-November, a Hinterlaces poll found that 51% of decided voters supported the change, while Mecanálisis said 64% of decided voters would vote against reform.[36] A poll by Keller & Asociados concluded defeat for the proposal with 45% "No" to 31% "Yes" votes; about 65% of eligible people planned to vote.[37] A late-November poll by Datanalisis of 1,854 likely voters indicated 49% were opposed, with 39% in favor. Reportedly, some moderate Chávez backers were likely to vote "No"; it was the first Datanalisis survey to project a loss, contrasted with earlier surveys that showed a win for Chávez "amid low turnout and despite widespread skepticism of his proposal".[38][39]

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